Hi everyone,

This website is for parents whose children are diagnosed with the condition Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome. It is the hope that this site and information reach as many ladies as possible. Our team hope to offer as much help and support as possible. 

My 5 children aged 3-9 are all diagnosed with this condition, and I know your reading this thinking "Why did she have 5 children?"  Quite simply I was never throughout my pregnancies told about the effects of taking Anti Convulants to control my Epilepsy. 

Anti Convulsants are prescribed for many things such as :



Pain Relief

Bipolar Disorder

Mood Swings


If I and the thousands of women had been told about the effects of this medicine I would then at least have had a CHOICE in what to do.  Ladies need to be given the choice in what they decide.

Symptoms of FACS SYNDROME in which I deal with everyday are:

Premature Births

Caracteristic Facial Features

Spina Bifida

Cerebral Palsy

Joint Laxity and Poor Muscle Tone

Short sightedness or squints

Limb defects

Delay in reaching developmental milestones



Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Speech and Language Dfficulties

Attention and Memory Dificulties

If you are reading this and are feeling concerned in anyway, do no hesitate to get in touch.  Any questions will be answered to the best of our ability

Take care