I am co-founder and Trustee along with another parent Janet Williams whose children are diagnosed with FACS and she has worked with this topic for 16 years.  The Trusts work entails providing long term support for those affected by Anti Convulsant Medicines during pregnancy and working with a wide range of professioals and organisations in raising awareness of Fetal Anti- Convulsant Syndrome (FACS) within Government and Health Agencies .


In-Fact has been set up for the purpose of giving relief and assistance to all persons whose disabilities were caused by the fact of their mother taking an Anti-Convuulsant drug during pregnancy to treat her condition.

To support by means of payments to the beneficiaries to help with the cost of care, welfare and/or education supporting them with their injuries.

With intentions to pay sums of money to help and support submitted through Government and/or Pharmaceutical Company donations

To become actively involved in campaigning for Government redress

These beneficiaries must be persons born within the United Kingdom

Advised and supported by:

The Thalidomide Trust

Nick Dobrick

Guy Tweedy

Mikey Argy



Medical Team

​​​ Prof Jill Clayton Smith - Consultant Clinical Geneticist

               Dr  Peter Turnpenny - Consultant Clinical Geneticis             

               Dr Rebecca  Bromley - Chartered Psychologist

               Dr Rob Levy - Paeditrician and Epilepsy Specialist